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Aqua Therapups’ instructors are members of the International Association of Animal Massage and Body Works (IAAMB) and the Association of Canine Water Therapy (ACWT). In addition, our swim Instructors are certified in:

Small Animal Water Therapy

Small Animal Massage

Pet First Aid and CPR

Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Aqua Therapups offers clients therapeutic and fun-based swimming programs.

Becky Pease

Becky Pease

Owner, Aqua Therapups, Certified Pool Operator/Certified Instructor

As a competitive swimmer from childhood through college, Becky has been in the pool most of her life. She also grew up as an animal lover, and as the owner of Aqua Therapups, she now has the joy of combining her two passions – swimming and animals. There is nothing that makes Becky happier than motivating dogs as they swim for fun, providing confidence for those learning how to swim and solving post-injury issues that dogs may face during rehabilitation.

Bryan Ossanna

Bryan Ossanna

Aqua Therapups Certified Instructor

Like Becky, Bryan has always had a love for animals. Especially dogs. He began working with Becky in 2011 at her first animal care business, Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Slinger. When Bryan heard about the new ATP business venture, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. When Aqua Therapups first opened, Becky and Bryan only offered fun swims for dogs. It wasn’t until Bryan’s dog, Sydney, was diagnosed with dual CCL tears, that ATP offered therapeutic and rehabilitative swims. The incredible results due to Sydney's therapy was the foundation for the Aqua Therapups we know today.

Our Facilities

Our Facilties


We offer year-round, indoor therapeutic and fun-based swimming for dogs (not to exceed 300 lbs.)

We have strict sanitary and cleanliness standards. Most of our sanitation is done through UV and Ozone. We also use a very minor amount of chlorine to ensure the water is bacteria free

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Size: Minimum of 13’W x 25’L and provide a 52” depth

Temperature: 87-92 degree, heated water; determined by the type of swim required

Accessibility: Equipped with adjustable ramps for easy entry and exit

Comfort: We offer pause tables so dogs can to rest during their sessions when needed

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